Chase Your Tail

Have you noticed your dog spinning like a top when he’s excited?  Does he chase his tail for fun?  This trick is perfect for a dog who likes to get dizzy and has a lot of energy.  Even if your dog doesn’t spin for fun, though, he can still learn this awesome trick!  All you need are yummy treats, a good attitude, and, of course, your dog.

  1. Get your dog’s attention by showing him that you’re holding his treat.  Don’t overexcite him orTrainingSpitz your dog will try to snap at your hand or jump too much.
  2. Now, treat in hand to lure your dog, have him go in a full circle, as if he was chasing his tail, very slowly.  And when I say “very slowly,” I mean almost slow motion!  You don’t want to confuse your dog by doing it too fast.  You can build up speed when your dog understands the command.  Once your dog completes his circle, give him the treat along with a lot of praise.
  3. Once your dog willingly follows your hand to go around in a circle, have him chase his tail twice before your give him a treat.  Slowly build up how many times he has to circle before getting the reward.  Don’t have your dog do it too long or he’ll get dizzy!

Sissy’s Tips and Techniques

  • Your dog might try to snap at your hand for the treat.  If he does, teach your dog to be gentle.  From now on, when feeding him snacks, wait until he is calm and not snapping before you give him the treat.  Say a command like, “Gentle!” when your dog stops snapping and quickly reward.  Once your dog is waiting for his treat with his mouth shut, you can start teaching him this trick.  
  • For this command, a good hand signal is to point your finger and spin it around.  A good voice command would be “spin” or “chase your tail.”
  • Some dogs, including myself, get super excited when they see a treat.  In fact, they won’t even go around in a circle because they’re so hyper.  If your dog has a lot of energy and won’t cooperate for this trick, you will have to teach him a different way.  Place an object (like a couple of shoe boxes stacked or a bucket) in the middle of the floor.  Now, use a treat to lure your dog in a walk around it.  Do this until your dog will walk around without you luring him with a verbal cue and/or hand signal.  Then, remove the object and train the same trick without it.  Your dog will soon get the idea and be able to spin in a tighter circle with your encouragement.