High Five

dog high fiveThis is one of my favorite tricks!  This simple and fun trick is good for all dogs, whether they’re a wonder-dog or couch potato.   If your dog doesn’t know it already, teach him the command Sit.  It comes in handy with this neat trick.

  1. Sit down in front of your dog and ask him to sit.
  2. Take your dog’s favorite treat and curl your fingers around it so your dog can just smell it.
  3. Now, hold your hand with the treat in front of your dog.  If your dog begins to paw at the treat in your hand, he is giving a high five and deserves the reward!
  4. When your dog begins to understand what you want when you hold out your hand, tell him, “High five!”  before he touches your hand with his paw.
  5. When your dog can connect the command, “High five!” with this trick, hide the treat behind your back and hold out your empty hand and see if your dog will still give you a high five without the bribe.  If he does, give him the treat along with a truck-load of praise.  If your dog doesn’t give you a high five, go back a couple of steps and keep the treat in your hand.  Don’t worry, your dog will soon catch on.

Sissy’s Tips and Techniques

  • Your dog may not preform this trick at once.  Some dogs learn this trick quicker than others.  If you become frustrated by your dog not doing as you tell him, take a break and train later when you and your dog are both in better moods.
  • Dogs have sharp nails and this can sometimes hurt when your dog gives you a “high five”.  Do not punish your dog for scratching you when he gives you a “high five”.  After all, he is doing as you asked.  Also, punishing your dog takes away the fun of training.  You don’t want your pet to dread training sessions with you.  Try wearing a glove to protect your hand.

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