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IMG_6333This trick is simple and many other tricks build off of it.  “Sit” was the very first trick I learned.  Here is the method of teaching sit that is best for puppies.  Take the puppy’s food dish, and put it above his head.  If the puppy loses his balance and sits, give him the food along with loads of praise.  Sooner or later, the puppy will sit without you having to make him lose his balance.  You can also push your dog’s rear on the ground, and say, “Sit”.  Later on, the dog will sit on command.  The first method for teaching sit is best for puppies, and the second for adult dogs.  But, you can choose either training method.  There’s no rules in dog training, and you’re totally free to choose which style you want to train your dog with.

Read the great tips below to help your dog learn this trick faster!

Sissy’s Tips and Techniques

  • Reward your dog while he is still in the “Sit” position.  If you reward a dog who is standing, he will begin to think that you want him to stand up, instead of sit.
  • Use your “happy” voice while training.  Make it fun!  
  • If your dog begins to jump up for the treat, wait a few seconds and let your dog calm down.  Then, try again.  The more you practice, the better your dog will be able to do the trick.







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