Take a Bow!

take a bow!This trick is a wonderful ending after a performance of your dog’s basic tricks.  It also looks very impressive.  What does your dog do?  Bow to the audience, of course!

  1. Have you noticed your dog stretching by “bowing”?  If so, you can easily implement the command when your dog decides to stretch.  This will be a good start to introducing your dog to “take a bow.”  If your dog doesn’t stretch this way, however, don’t worry.  You can skip the first step and focus on the second.
  2. Now that you’ve been saying, “Take a bow!” anytime your dog stretches, encourage him to do so with the aid of a treat.  This could take a long time to perfect, as some dogs will not cooperate at first.  With time and patience, however, your dog will catch on.  Bring your treat down to the floor and encourage your dog to “bow.”  If he even makes the slightest bow, reward him with the treat and praise.

   Sissy’s Tips and Techniques

  • It might be a good idea to keep a jar of treats in the room your dog rests.  This way, when you see him bowing, you can immediately reward him.  Don’t forget to add the command, “Take a bow!”
  • For the hand signal, my humans make a sweeping motion with their hands while bowing themselves.

take a bow 2